Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Evolution of Bratty Natty

We're getting to the point where life here is simply "easier" than it used to be. It's less frantic and honestly more enjoyable.

We had a few rough years for a while, popping out our third kid when the oldest was just turning five. That's a lot of little kids to have at one time. The biggest wrench in the works (other than an unexpected #3) was Natalie's..."personality." Sweet baby Jesus, that child really tested my patience.

Luckily for the entire human race, whatever got her diaper in a bunch ran its course. We're past that now at least until she becomes a teenager, but those dark days still come up in conversation. Nobody who has recently met my daughter can believe that this mild mannered, shy little girl could have ever been a holy terror. "What? Natalie? She's the sweetest thing ever! How bad could she possibly have been?"

It's not something that I've ever really been able to accurately articulate. She just WAS. And although 99% of the exact details of constant crying, whining and trouble-making have been forgotten, the nicknames "Spawn of Satan," "Demon Seed" and "Bratty Natty" were warranted. I promise.

I was going through some old photos when it finally hit me: The story of Natalie's early years isn't one you have to HEAR. It's one you have to SEE.

So with that, I offer you thee picture. This one single photo perfectly sums up the first two years of her life. Look at the angst on her face. Can't you just hear the grunting, whining sound she was making? Are your ears bleeding?

She was always pissed off and wanted something...anything...we just hardly ever knew what it was. In this case it was the camera. But in the event that you don't believe me here are some more. And this is literally just six weeks worth. 

What a delight!