Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Kindred Spirit, Marianne

Sometimes we just need to be liked.

Take my friend Marianne over at We Band of Mothers for instance. But I don't just like her, I love her. She's hilarious. She's freakishly tall, has a self-described hairy "monkey neck," and can't figure out either Twitter or Pinterest. 

She claims she is a tragedy in the making. Let me add that she's also mucho dramatic!

Despite this, Marianne co-authored the book Epic Mom which will be coming out this December:

Sadly, Marianne is currently suffering flashbacks to junior high and in need of an ego boost.  She tells me her 8th grade badminton "partner" was always the default gym teacher. Nobody wanted to play badminton with the giraffe girl.  

In the spirit of the holidays, please consider throwing the book a Facebook Like.  It may even result in a free book as Marianne is giving out one free copy for every 100 "likes" until she reaches 1,000 (which she estimates to occur in the year 2052).

She thanks you in advance for any act of kindness, compassion, or downright pity.

She's not too proud to welcome a little pity.

Or cake.

Best wishes to Marianne on the launch of her new book!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being in the Middle

It's been just over a week since I woke up and switched on the TV to see who won the presidential election. I was just too tired and stressed out to make it the night before and when I went to bed it was anyone's game. My own state still had them both neck and neck each hovering around 49%-ish.

I got Ryan and Nat off to the bus and as usual, climbed back under the covers for 30 minutes of not-ever-really-sleep until I had to wake Justin. Today, he walked in and stood in the doorway. Both his father and I sat up and simultaneously silently raised our respective sided of the covers, inviting him to join us. We waited while he looked at us, pondering his two options.

And in that moment as I lifted the covers so he could climb in, it hit me: Much like the entire country just the day before, there Justin stood with a decision to make between two potentially snuggly (read: competent) candidates.

"I want to be in the middle," he said as he scaled the foot of the bed very diplomatically. He crawled up and proceeded to climb under the MIDDLE of the covers. Nicely played kid!

I totally got it. For much of the election I was right down the middle too. Like Justin, I didn't really want to choose because both candidates had merit, strengths and weaknesses the other didn't have. Like many Americans I sided with one candidate fiscally and the other socially. It was a tough choice and "in the middle" was a comfortable place to be. But alas, presidents don't win elections when the entire country is in the middle. So I went with the snugglier candidate and scooted to one side.

Justin was now in the middle, just like I was with the election. Laying flat on his back with a parent on either side of him, it was time to pick sides.

He slowly turned over to the less-hairy, less sweaty parent, the one who smelled like green tea lotion.

And since that candidate was chosen, she set out to do the best job she could possibly do during her term, just like we hope the President will do now. In this case the "term" was only another 5 minutes. Then the winning candidate shoved her voter out of the bed and told him to put his clothes on. It was time to go to school.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

There Were Costumes, Candy and a Dog Dressed Like a Lion

Hey! Yesterday was Halloween. So here are some pictures.

I took a day off work to attend classroom parties with Mike Wazowski and then clean our House of Horror and Dog Hair to host a bunch of people.

I know it's wrong to ever say you have favorite kid (which I do not), but if I ever did yesterday it was definitely the one who dressed up as his mother's favorite book character and totally rocked it right down to his out of place hair and perfect wand technique!