Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Stress of Being 9

Clearing out my Ryan's school folder this week, I found this odd drawing:

Puzzled, I stopped him as he walked into the room.

Me: "Ryan, what IS this?"

Ryan: "In Guidance today (yes, they have a scheduled class with the guidance counselor) we learned about stress and had to draw a picture of what stresses us out."

Me: "When do you ever get stressed out??? What is this?" as I pointed to the first picture.

Ryan: "It's when I have to wait to go to the bathroom."

Me: "What? Ryan, we have three bathrooms. You've never waited for the bathroom in your life."

Ryan: "Well I had to put something down and I couldn't think of anything else."

Me: "And what's this? Puking? Is that puke?

Ryan: "Yes."

Perhaps I should have asked him why he chose to draw himself throwing up straight onto the floor instead of the toilet. This has happened before. 

Me: "Well I'd have to agree with you there. That's an awful lot of puke. And this is when Justin steals your DS? Why did you draw your hair like that?"

Ryan: "That's not hair, that's a really cool hat." At this point he made his famous Dork Face and was blushing. Totally snagged him on accessorizing.

Me: "And this is what?"

Ryan:  "When I die playing Mario. I hate that."

And with that, I let the kid off the hook from explaining to his mother what was a half-assed, yet hilarious effort at doing his schoolwork.

I know I should be happy that he has no real agonizing stress in his life unlike his mother who used to work herself into a tizzy resulting in multiple trips to the bathroom whenever she had a test at school.

I'm pleased that he simply defaulted to bodily functions and video games, just like a healthy, well-adjusted 9-year-old boy who was too lazy to draw hair on himself and his brother. 


  1. That's a very fashionable hat. And I like the detail of the splash back on the puke.

  2. From the looks of his "stressers," it sounds like you have one less thing to stress about! That's great!

  3. I have that boy too. It's awesome, but I still fear the teen years. ; )

  4. Oh what a life he has... I can't believe the one bathroom he wants to use is not saved just for him? Come on?! What kind of house are you running? ;-)

  5. Please promise me you'll get that laminated. For me.

  6. I hope you put this in a keeper pile to show him in the future. My 9 year old sometimes does funny things like this, but maybe she's generally more stressed because she's a girl? She'll write about worrying that her dad and I are getting divorced (for NO reason), worrying that her teachers will be mad at her or hate her for some reason (she's a well behaved straight A student), worrying that one of her parents will die (also for no reason). But sometimes she's normal and just writes about hating her sister.