Friday, January 11, 2013

The Number Between 12 and 14

A little-known fact about Ali: I'm extremely, weirdly, annoyingly superstitious.

I'm an avid knock-on-wooder, an under-ladder non-walker, I never step on a crack or dare open an umbrella inside and the time I broke a mirror I started to cry. I'd bet my husband doesn't even realize this. 

Therefore I think it goes without saying that the number 13 freaks me out. In fact, I'm a bit OCD about 13. I will cut up an extra piece of hot dog for the kids if I notice there are 13 pieces. I make sure the sink runs for 14 seconds, never just 13 (because I count everything like that in my head). If a receipe calls for my cookies to bake for 12-14 minutes...well, they just get crispy. Yes, I'm a whackadoodle. You knew this. 

So with that confession out of the way, I'll point out that we're nearly two weeks into 2013 and I still cringe a little bit writing the date on things. Not as badly as when it was June 6, 2006. I should have just stayed in bed all day. I might also add that I'm cringing because the only thing I've really written the year on so far have been a few checks and I hate paying for stuff. Everything should be free for me because I'm special.

2012 was just "meh" to be honest. It had it's share of unbelievable drama...believe me, but loads of happy and fun moments. So in all, the good kicked the bad's buttocks.

I'm proud to say that I made two New Year's resolutions and actually kept them. I kept them because they didn't involve any will power or self control. They were to read all seven Harry Potter books (I had read the first five and couldn't find time to move on once I had Justin - that jerk) and the other was to watch the entire series of LOST from beginning to end (I had watched religiously until Natalie was born and I had to give it up cold turkey), which I did from August to November LIKE A CHAMP!

You might notice a pattern: Ali liked things. Ali had interests. Ali had kids and they screwed it up. Ali finally got back to liking things after 4 years.

So to YOU, year 2013 MMXIII if I want to get all fancy. Go easy on me.

This year's resolutions:
  • Fix my blog header so I don't look like such a slacker.
  • Curse less (see my reference to "buttocks" above. I did some editing)
  • Teach my husband to use my camera so there are actually pictures of ME this year.
  • Start making my kids do chores because they're getting too spoiled and this house is a pigsty.
  • Tone my flabby upper arms. Just ewwww. 
  • Revive my blog because I miss it.

Wishing you all a very prosperous MMXIII - This is a good solution to my problem. These are letters, not numbers.


  1. You have kids and don't use them to do every chore around the house? I think that might be the only reason I would have kids, other than the fact that then my blog would be popular if I wrote about them. And wine.

    Anyway, take comfort in the fact that your blog header will always be better than at least mine and I haven't taken a picture of myself in more than a year. See? You're already ahead of the game ;)

  2. Good luck on your resolutions. I definitely can recommend teaching the ids some chores. Mine have a few and it does make live easier (mine are also a little older). Happy 2013!!!

  3. I think the Bloggess's post about "In the Library" is meant for you:

    1. HA! Hadn't seen that one. So now I'm just waiting for 444 more comments on this post like she has :)

  4. Yay! So great to see you back Ali! I cringe when I write 2013 too, typing it isn't so bad for me. But I have to write it about 40 times a day for my job, and it's very hard to get used to! Trying to be positive and hoping for a great year, despite the number!!!

  5. your children should also be responsible for all culinary responsibilities too.
    It seems they are at fault for a lot of your lot hobbies

  6. I'm really on board for that last one! De-flab-ifying my arms can only be done via surgery at this point. I figure I can survive any famine courtesy of my arms of girth. Glad you're back!

  7. Yay! Glad you will be hanging out here more often. If you can get those slacker kids of yours to do ALL of the chores, you can hang out here all the time. ;-)
    Seriously, Happy Year between now and 2014!