Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being in the Middle

It's been just over a week since I woke up and switched on the TV to see who won the presidential election. I was just too tired and stressed out to make it the night before and when I went to bed it was anyone's game. My own state still had them both neck and neck each hovering around 49%-ish.

I got Ryan and Nat off to the bus and as usual, climbed back under the covers for 30 minutes of not-ever-really-sleep until I had to wake Justin. Today, he walked in and stood in the doorway. Both his father and I sat up and simultaneously silently raised our respective sided of the covers, inviting him to join us. We waited while he looked at us, pondering his two options.

And in that moment as I lifted the covers so he could climb in, it hit me: Much like the entire country just the day before, there Justin stood with a decision to make between two potentially snuggly (read: competent) candidates.

"I want to be in the middle," he said as he scaled the foot of the bed very diplomatically. He crawled up and proceeded to climb under the MIDDLE of the covers. Nicely played kid!

I totally got it. For much of the election I was right down the middle too. Like Justin, I didn't really want to choose because both candidates had merit, strengths and weaknesses the other didn't have. Like many Americans I sided with one candidate fiscally and the other socially. It was a tough choice and "in the middle" was a comfortable place to be. But alas, presidents don't win elections when the entire country is in the middle. So I went with the snugglier candidate and scooted to one side.

Justin was now in the middle, just like I was with the election. Laying flat on his back with a parent on either side of him, it was time to pick sides.

He slowly turned over to the less-hairy, less sweaty parent, the one who smelled like green tea lotion.

And since that candidate was chosen, she set out to do the best job she could possibly do during her term, just like we hope the President will do now. In this case the "term" was only another 5 minutes. Then the winning candidate shoved her voter out of the bed and told him to put his clothes on. It was time to go to school.


  1. The middle is nice, isn't it? Maybe we could have co-presidents? Maybe you are onto something, Ali?!?!

  2. The middle is a pretty comfortable place. I'm still there myself.

  3. Politically in the middle. Regionally in the middle. Birth order in the middle.

    I might as well be a bull's eye. LIKE TARGET!

    It's all making sense now....

  4. Not a big fan of the middle... at least not when it came to the recent presidential race. I was totally on one side and not the other!

    I do, however love it when the toddler snuggles into the middle of the bed with the husband and I.

  5. Our toddler is a total swing state. :) Dad is great for a fun time, mom is good for a snack! lol..