Monday, April 9, 2012

The Day After Easter

Life has been dishing me a king-sized dose of colossal B.S. over the last month. I've been intentionally slacking on my poor little blog.

Easter, however was pretty spectacular. We hosted brunch for 20 at our house.

I can sum up our Easter awesomeness in three words: Pinterest String Eggs. I love them. So did Easter Bunny Mike Wazowski.

I've been cleaning up candy wrappers all day. I had a jellybean stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

This morning, I cleaned what I originally thought was poop or dried blood off of Natalie's bed sheets. Luckily my friend Traci kindly asked if any of the kids ever smuggled candy... I bravely took a whiff...whew, chocolate.

This is also the same child who also sneaked a bag of Easter candy out of the house under her shirt and quickly tucked it beneath the seat in the minivan. I snagged her.

The Easter Jackass (the Easter Bunny's less intelligent, yet devastatingly handsome assistant) visited our house again. He hid Ryan's basket in an impossible-to-find location, a big bin of toys.

It was not visible to anyone other than the Easter Jackass and led to numerous threats from Ryan that he was quitting and a mess all over the floor. With a load of hints (and outright cheating by his awesome mom) he found it. Really, it wasn't even fun at this point.

An Annoying Orange t-shirt and his very own, very large bag of jellybeans solved the issue and all was right in the world again.


  1. mmm, string eggs. Delicious!

    1. I will no longer bitch about how annoying it is to peel eggs. I had starch splatters all over the house for days. I'm still finding them.

  2. Your kids are gorgeous. And so are those string eggs.

  3. You kids look like my kids... like 'do we really have to go and find the eggs, open then and then get the candy? Can't you just give us the candy?'

    Good thing they are cute.

    And I am a bit jealous of your mastery of Pinerest crafts.

  4. Love the string eggs, love the cute pics, but my favorite might be the chocolate on the sheets - I've sooo been there! I helped my daughter clean her room in Dec, and was shocked and appalled at the number of Halloween candy wrappers under her bed!

  5. You Pinterest Princess! Looks like a fun day that they'll remember.

  6. In the end at least they all had smiles.

    I didn't even get Easter baskets for my kids this year.

  7. Your kids are like mine when it comes to posed photos... do we really have to? I barely got one this year. But looks like fun was had by all and the string eggs look awesome.

  8. I'm glad it was chocolate. I've had that experience before. And it was chocolate - but sometimes you're not quite sure.

    Love the Easter pictures! And I really like the idea of hiding the baskets from the kids. We haven't even done Easter yet at all. Good parenting, right?

  9. The Easter Bunny hid Ash's basket in the dryer. It took a good 20 minutes for her to find it. My husband was the only one who knew where it was and wouldn't give out a single hint. Needless to say, I stole his giant Reese's Easter Egg and hid it. I guess Natalie and I would get along just fine ;-)
    Oh, your string eggs turned out great!! I am going to do the same thing with some bigger balloons and hang them in our screened porch.

  10. The pics of the kids crack me least jelly beans made the world right again!

  11. I am off to Erma Bombeck next weekend ... and then home, yes, glorious home ... come visit me :)

  12. Annoying Orange t-shirt? My children would die for one of those.