Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WTF Wednesday - The "What the Ef...ron" Edition

Dear Incompetent Person Who Chooses What Books the Library Stocks:

I have a complaint. I'll get to it in a minute.

If you watch your surveillance videos from last Friday evening, that boy in the children's section, laying on the floor of the biography aisle sobbing while his mother shouted "How about Rembrandt? What about Sacajawea? But you love Harriet Tubman!" - that's my son Ryan.

He has a school project to read a biography and do a report on a famous person. Since we refused to let him do yet another report on Walt Disney (holy overkill), we let him choose the next best thing: Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, Sesame Street and pretty much every other non-creepy puppet.

So naturally, I was shocked when your online catalog said that there was ONE children's biography on Jim Henson in the entire county. Shameful. Our branch didn't even have a copy. I requested it, it wouldn't get to us in time. We're screwed. Thanks a lot.

Last Friday I went to the library with my son (whose heart was reeeaaallly set on Jim) to pick out another person. For 30 minutes I went through your shelves with my head cocked to the right, reading names in alphabetical order tossing out option after option. I got through A, but by the time I was at David Beckham ("You should write about him, he's got a hot wife.") he was full-on crying. And for the record, he's not a cry baby, EVER.

Personally, I made it through to letter E before I completely lost my shit. In between Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein biographies there sat the adorable Zac Efron. And not only one bio on Zac...but 5 different Zac Efron bios.
For those of you who lost count:
- 0 biographies on Jim Henson, the guy who created the multi-billion dollar Muppet empire in our library.
- 5 biographies on Zac Efron, the kid from High School Musical...and some other things. Zac, if you're reading this, you're on my "list." Call me.

I got home and went back to your online catalog. Just so you're have over 100 copies of books about Zac Efron in your county library system. You know how many are currently checked out? ONE!

You have 13 copies of books about Jim Henson. TWO are checked out.

Now I'm no math whiz...

You also have biographies on nearly every American Idol contestant (Elliot Yamin? REALLY?), but my personal favorite was Jamie Lynn Spears who is famous for being Britney Spears' knocked-up teenage sister. WTF?!?!?

If this is a representation of where you think the interests of our kids are, I'm scared.

And in case you were wondering, he went with Alexander Graham Bell, a person who invented something almost as important as the Muppets.



  1. I am worried about the future of our race. What with Snooki pregnant, more reality shows than actual shows on tv and now? Biographies on Justin Beiber, Jamie Lynn Spears and Zac Efron?!?!? Noone under the age of 30 should have a biography, EVER!

  2. As someone who once considered a career in the library sciences (okay, more than once), this makes me very angry. Seriously. Zac is a little hottie but he hasn't offered anything substantial LIKE THE MUPPETS OR THE TELEPHONE to society.

  3. This just proves where our world is headed. Very scary! I'm pretty sure that there are a dozen for the iCarly crew too. The very sad part about it is that it is not for sharing knowledge that they write and publish these books it is for money.
    Btw, I love that you shamelessly self plugged to Zac that he is on your list. You make me crack up!!

  4. Ha! Really does make no sense!

  5. What the F is wrong with your library?? Seriously, A, get in there and make a community mom fuss!!! This is completely asinine.

    Know why I know the word "asinine" ? BECAUSE I HAD A DECENT LIBRARY!!!

  6. Yet another reason why I shouldn't step foot in a library.

  7. Having biographies about anybody under the age of...say...50 who is still alive is kind of strange.

    And that's a random number I pulled out of my arse. Don't anybody get all huffy at that. I'm just saying boys who recently went through puberty hardly need a biography (or a memoir coughcoughJUSTINBIEBERcoughcough).

    (PS Dear Zac, I lurve you. Have you made any movies that don't make me feel like a pedophile yet?)

  8. That's crazy. Zac Efron is like what 12 years old? Okay so not that young, but still, he is hardly old enough let alone important enough to have so many books about him.

  9. This made me chuckle. I feel the exact same way about our library. Apparently they have a 15 year old selecting the book budgets.

  10. Um, not to mention, these "biographies" are all on children! They've lived their life by 18?!

    Zac wouldn't be on my list, that hair drives me bonkers.

  11. I was in the exact same boat not too long ago when middle daughter had to do a biography... It was a process trying to convince her to go with some one else after we couldn't find the appropriate book. Crazy....

  12. I can't believe people are wasting their time writing these books. It is ridiculous and makes me scared for our kids.

  13. Wow! Really? I can't believe this. OMG!

  14. The libraries should be setting a standard.
    That's sad.

    Zac is cute though.