Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Green Hair and the Kid Who Spit in the Bounce House

It's a well-known fact that I love St. Patrick's Day. No gifts + No real costumes = WIN! 

The kids get their hair sprayed green and they're happy. 

We have a parade locally, we go every year. This year however, dance class and Ryan's first soccer game threw a wrench in the works. 

Long story short, we got there too late to get a good spot. We got a few square feet of sidewalk behind a dozen people with folding chairs none of which offered to let the kids in front of them until it was too late. Complaining ensued. After the 42nd fire truck we called it a day and went home. You can only listen to bagpipes for so long. Lesson learned. If you can't do it right, don't do it at all.

Sunday held a Pump It Up birthday party. A new experience for the five of us.

We started by watching a brief, yet cheesy safety video where the rules were laid out. "How many riders on the slide at one time?" In unison: "ONE!" So one rider on the slide at a time. Foreshadowing. 

Door opens, 3 Suitcase Kids haul ass up the ladder and go down the slide at one time. Justin emerged with a bloody nose. Ryan's fault.

I have finally reached a point where my kids are a little bit bigger so they don't need constant supervision at a place like this. Luckily I was giving 1/3 of my attention to Ryan right at the point where I watched him actually spit in the bounce house. I saw it with my own two disbelieving eyes. I dragged his ass out and walked over to my purse where I handed him a reusable grocery bag and made him get back in and clean it up. No, I didn't have any tissues. Nasty little heathen. 

But perhaps the high point of the day was watching my husband JakeRyan tell his old buddy Ian a story that according to him I "didn't want to hear." So instead of partaking in the conversation I stood back and snapped pictures. 

Pretty animated. He loves Ian more than me. 

And there...now you know what we did this weekend. 


  1. I think I love Ian's poses most of all.

  2. And here I was hoping for spit IN the green hair.

  3. I totally read the title wrong and thought some kid spit in your bounce house...like you rented one for a party or something. I was waiting for when you reamed him out. LOL

    Love all Ian's gestures! Now I'm curious about the story. (and how sweet that he didn't even *ask* you to listen to it! He's a keeper!)

  4. Why are my 1st thoughts of comments to you "OH MY GOD"? Your husband, hilarious! The green hair? great. The spit? No biggie. My kids would totally do that. We did nothing for St. Patty's day... nothing! Lie, I made wasted Shamrock shakes. But they looked good.

  5. The kids look so cute! I think you are going to need to share JakeRyan's story though. It looks like something that we would all enjoy and it definitely has my interested peaked.

  6. I love that Ian's expression doesn't change no matter how animated your husband is. I think you need to do a "write the caption" contest on that set of pics.

  7. The kids are all decked out for St. Patty's day...love the outfits! Ha ha your husband is very into telling the story!

  8. I love the green hair. It's so awesome.