Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WTF Wednesday - The "Humiliating Myself for A Paycheck" Edition

There are certain things you do in your career that you're just not proud of, but you suck it up and do it because you know your livelihood and your family's well-being would be in jeopardy if you don't. I love how that sounded so dramatic. 

I didn't do anything unethical or stab someone in the back (that would have probably been easier). Instead I had the distinct pleasure of humiliating myself in front of my husband.

We have a big meeting coming up and you can imagine my excitement when I got an email from a VP asking each of the attendees for four photos of ourselves. Ah crap. I'm just not good with this kind of stuff. Undoubtedly our disgrace would be flashed up on a bigscreen in front of about a thousand people. FUN!

- 2 pictures of me celebrating, laughing, smiling, etc. Meaning if I don't have any I'll need to pose some. 
- 2 pictures of me not looking at the camera doing my job, heading out for an appointment, etc. Again Posing. 

Jesus H. How mortifying! I waited until the last possible minute to ask my husband to help. I had actually considered getting Ryan to do it, but knew I had no chance of him being able to focus the new fancy camera.

It was 6:30 at night, and it was due at the end of that yeah, I was kinda late. I went upstairs, put on a presentable shirt, some bright lipstick, pulled my hair out of the ponytail and told my husband to take pictures. "OK, let's just get this over with."

I felt like such a cheeseball. Celebrating? Sorry, couldn't bring myself to send those in. With my luck there'd be a picture of me with a "WOOOOOO!" face that made it into the slide show. Oh look, there's Ali Wooooing. And all this time we thought she didn't drink. 

Doing my job. I sit at a desk that's actually in a closet in my house and talk on the phone all day. I wear yoga pants and t-shirts. I also do this alone and nobody would ever just sneak up on me while I'm on a client call and take my picture. 

Then I thought I might have a little fun with it. So I pulled up my blog on my computer screen and JakeRyan began snapping a series of out-of-focus pictures. He was gracious and didn't even make fun of me once. Probably because he doesn't want to be the sole breadwinner. And what would a lame-o dorky-posed work photo be without our friend Mike Wazowski? 

And because I love you I'm posting my humiliation here fore you. 


And for your viewing pleasure, here is the WOOO! 



  1. At least your teeth look good. In the WooHoo photo. And in all the others. Yes, that's my silver lining for you: your teeth look good. : )

    Obviously you are darling, but open mouthed shots are rough. I think you should be proud of your woohoo. Woohoo photo that is.

  2. I think you rock all of the pictures! And Mike Wazowski?! He is a favorite of mine too. I can hear Billy Crystal's voice in my head now.

  3. I especially love the one of you "on the phone" lol
    You look great in all of those photos, you rocked it!

  4. Okay. . . i'm sorry, but i have NEVER heard of a boss asking for four cheeseball photos of his employees.

    Although, to be fair, I work for a company that employs mostly engineers so no fun of any kind is allowed. Regardless, I'd be concerned that he's using these pictures to wallpaper his "Ali Shrine".

    1. Ha! I assure you there is no Ali shrine. It's more like "Ali WHO???"

  5. Cheesy looks good on you! The top right photo? A winner!

    The woohooing photo is hilarious! Let us know what the boss ends up using them for!

  6. You're so gorgeous. And yes, the "Wooo" is my favorite. I think you, like me, are maybe just not a woo girl.

    ("I can woo." "That's not true." "I could too." "It's just not you." -HIMYM)

  7. I think you're adorable!

    And I purposely didn't comment on your last post because I didn't want people to figure out how pumped you would be for me to show up at your door. So there. Take that!

  8. Bottom left - you are actually thinking, "WTF?" aren't you?

  9. I love them. The last one had me laughing!

  10. not gonna lie, totally skimmed. the pictures, well, they just "got me!"

    I think you're beautiful and would love to have a sister-wife sitch w/ ya. That's all.

  11. I would so hate it if my employer asked me to do something like this - definitely not my kind of thing. I'm impressed with how yours turned out.

    We have a Sully who lives in our bathroom.

  12. I did have to giggle at the pictures. Sorry. The one of you on the phone is great! They asked me to do this once for work and I refused, or just "forgot" to keep sending the pictures in. That came back to bite me when the used my ID photo, never again!

  13. I think, the pics came out very nice. It doesn't hurt that the subject is pretty and photogenic!!! :) Hope it all worked out in the end...

  14. Ha ha I love it! They did come out the red lipstick on you!

  15. I would do this, too, except that lately I look like the joker with red lipstick.

    What the heck happened?

  16. First of all, you're very pretty, and I kind of hate you. Second, those pictures you took with your husband in that black dress? You may be old enough to adopt me, but your legs are better looking than mine. I'm still kind of hating you. Third, Mike Wazowski makes that picture, and now I love you again for putting that in there.

  17. Your hair looks spectacular.
    You look like a whoo girl.
    Throw a cowboy hat on you and watch out.

  18. That is so funny! I think the pictures came out really great! I would feel silly doing it, too, but at least you look cute while posing. :)

  19. Ha! I would have been cracking up. I'm no good at posing. You look adorable!

  20. I think you should have stuck your finger up your nose in at least one of them.

  21. I'm terrible at posing for pics, especially if my husband takes them but you look great.

  22. :) I think the bottom left one looks the most professional. I'm sure they will enjoy the photos. Especially the Woohoo picture! It's fantastic!