Friday, February 24, 2012

My Suitcase Full of Tricks: Random Ali Facts - Round 3

A few months after I got on Facebook for the first time just over three years ago, there was this Facebook note thing that went around asking for 25 Random Facts about you. I'm reposting to my blog with 2012 updates. If you missed Rounds 1 and two, here they are with another 2009 photo for your viewing pleasure. 

2009 Fact 11: Leaving The Company I used to work for was the best career move I ever made and I’m not ashamed to tell anyone who I worked for that absolutely SUCKED.

2012 Update: Yes, there were good times and there were *less than good* times. Mostly because I worked for two lunatics in a row. However, I did make some life-long friends there, got to sing ABBA songs with Suze Orman (and not the song you'd guess), got a future job from an former non-crazy manager and hastily dropped $40 in a slot machine at Atlantis because of my gig there. Not a total loss. And yes, I hid the name of the company for the blog. 

2009 Fact 12: I HATE HATE HATE reading books (except for Harry Potter)

2012 Update: Completely true. I've read maybe 2 non-Harry books since college. Books aren't my bag, baby and this is a huge issue now that I have a kid who has to do required reading for school. Ryan is no more fond of reading than I am and prefers magazines just like his mom. The short attention spans are going to be the death of us. 

I do plan on writing a little post on the status of me and Harry...soon. 

2009 Fact 13: I wanted a girl and got Ryan, wanted a boy and got Natalie…didn’t want Justin at all and I’m over the moon about him! 

2012 Update: Well obviously, my kids are still the genders they were when I wrote this. In addition, I'm no better at picking baby genders now. I'm never right. In fact, if I ever make a prediction about the gender of someone's baby, choose the opposite and go ahead and buy your gift and see if anyone wants to bet. 

I'm back to being over the moon about Justin. I wasn't so keen on him for a few years there, but he's coming back around and being less of a butt. I adore that little monster. 

2009 Fact 14: JakeRyan and I both need to have work done on our chests. Laser hair removal and a boob job respectively.

2012 Update: Thank you Groupon! My poor husband will begin enduring regular laser hair removal on his Grape Ape chest. Here's a tip that you can share with all the teenage boys in your life: you might be getting buff now and want a chest smooth as a baby's butt. But someday, you're wife is going to have babies, you'll have a real job and quit working out and all you'll be left with is a big hairy chest resembling Sasquatch. Don't shave it. And I haven't had a boob job. I'd never use a Groupon for that. And no, I wasn't calling him JakeRyan on Facebook back in 2009. 

2009 Fact 15: I’m very negative by nature, but almost always right. Really, I am. Don’t argue.

2012 Update: I just call 'em as I see 'em. I'm really working on this though and trying very hard to keep my mouth shut in real life and keep it pretty light-hearted for the blog. For those of you who have known me a long time, I'm doing awesome at this. I've cut my smartassery down to about 75%. Yes, the glass is half-empty, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 


  1. Loving the contrasting and comparing. You are a woman after my own heart because I want engraved on my tombstone: "She Gets Full Credit for All of the Things She Did Not Say." Ellen

  2. Hahah! Ali I hate reading books too and here I have always been ashamed thinking I am the only one. Literally the only books I can whip right through are the shopohalic series by Sophie Kinsella! Lol

  3. I love, love, love to read but have never even picked up a Harry Potter book. Maybe I should. Or not. We'll see. I know how you feel about the required reading for school... it's a struggle when there are a million other things they (and I) rather do!!! :)

    1. Hi. I have an award for you. Come on by and check it out!!! :)

  4. "I'm back to being over the moon about Justin. I wasn't so keen on him for a few years there, but he's coming back around and being less of a butt."

    I love that you have the balls to say what we all think about our kids at one point or another. :)

    Oh, and I like your pants.

  5. OMG fact 14 had me laughing out loud. If only there was a groupon for a boob job!

  6. I think some people see it as negativity but in reality it's the truth. I'm very much like that and my friends who wear rose coloured glasses all say "why can't you be more positive?"
    Umm, well.. because the truth is this... and it sucks.
    Lets get real people.. I'm a mix between dr. Phil and judge Judy.

    When I met my husband he had a beautiful smooth chest.. and then once we'd been together for a couple of years there was suddenly a massive forest of hair!

  7. Gotta love those Groupons. Don't be surprised if one for plastic surgery actually comes up one of these days.

    I didn't realize you're such a negative person, but that kinda makes me happy because I am too. We can gripe together. Wait! We do!

    I have to say I'm your opposite about books though. I LOVE to read, although the internet is slowly eroding my patience for a novel.

  8. It's very brave of you to admit you hate reading books. Honestly, I only like it. Tons of people eat books for lunch. I like books, but it's kind of a lot of work for me to read them.