Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Curse You St. Valentine and Pinterest

Yeah, look who got all creative and Pinteresty. I saw these months ago and couldn't resist.

Yes, my offspring will be sporting these little beauties at their respective Valentine's Day celebrations (or non-celebrations in Ryan's case). Why, you might ask, did I spend the time? 

Here's what I'm hoping the other parents will say:

Ryan's 2nd grade parents: "Wow. She never volunteers in the classroom, but these Valentines make me realize that she's trying to out-do the rest of us. I like her. She's one of us. We like to one-up each other." 

Natalie's Pre-K parents: "It's no surprise that Natalie is so uber-fabulous. Look at her Mommy."

Justin's 3-year-old parents: "Oh crap. Were we supposed to MAKE something? I just thought it was OK to go to Walmart and buy a box of Valentines. No? I'm new at this. Teach me Oh Wise Justin's Mom."

But, my friends, here are a few little secrets that Pinterest doesn't let you in on:
  • The cute little entries on Pinterest don't really tell HOW to do them so you have to wing it. 
  • This involves and Exacto knife. And this means trouble and possible injury.
  • Shoving lollipops through photographs takes talent and no over-eager child can help because they'll rip. Translation: You'll do it alone. All alone. By yourself. Alone. 
  • Transporting 3-dimensional Valentines isn't easy. Surely they'll be a mess by the time they get handed out. 
  • And then there's this: Pinterest Valentine's x 3 kids ain't for sissies. 

Happy Valentine's Day from our house to yours. 

And for good measure, Pinterest Valentine's hair.


  1. SHUT the Fck UP. You did her hair like that today? You are like the Queen of "i found it on The Pin."

  2. Look at you all crafty! We got crafty here too, working on publishing the post now. It is, of course, inspired by Pinterest :)

  3. Holy hell woman! Now I'm kind of glad T's school doesn't allow valentines. I don't have to feel one-upped by the moms like you. ;)

  4. the valentines rock, I have total envy because I didn't get to make the damn crayon hearts that I wanted to for Goose to take to daycare, and HOLY WOW - that hair is frackin' SWEET. love it. you're the bomb Ali :)

  5. Wow! Impressive.

    I decided that next year I am going to make these too... maybe... it seems like a lot for 4 kids.

    Cool hair!

  6. I was going to do those but got caught up in all the heart attack inducing recipes I brought to work & sent to school. Good job!

    I didn't see that hairdo on Pinterest. Instead my child went to school with wet hair. Practically the same thing really. Po-ta-to, po-tah-to.

  7. OMG girl! You have fell into the Pinterest trap! They are cute, and seriously the hair is adorable!

  8. Embrace your inner slacker-mom next year. *nods*

    *says the mom who let her kids talk her into making chocolate cupcakes, truffles, and white chocolate-dipped heart cookies to make gift boxes for 11 different teachers-- what was I thinking??*

  9. Dude, you are brave. That is all.

  10. That hair do is beautiful...wish my girlies would sit still long enough for me to do this. And the Valentine's are fabulous. Something I will have to pin and try to remember for next year!!! :)

  11. I'm kind of psyched that a "real" person tried this and succeeded! They look very, very cute.

  12. I am so depressed. I want to be you in my next life. Or at least one of your kids. So impressive!

  13. 1. These Valentines are SO awesome. I'm so lazy with this sort of thing, but I always wish I were crafty and did more. I bet everyone was impressed by the Fun Dip valentines too.

    2. Seriously? That hair? You did that? You got a million extra mom points today. I hope your kids remember forever.

  14. I bow down to you. And I just pinned this post for next year.

  15. I'm so glad I read this!!
    I"m not doing it.
    You are the queen.

  16. I always thought people just looked at the pretty Pinterest pictures. I didn't know anyone actually tackled this stuff! :-) This is great. I'm so impressed with the hair. You gots skillz.

  17. I can't believe I missed this! Ali!! You rocked this. You're my kind of crafty mama. Move here so we can do crafts together. Then we can do each other's hair. What?