Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Ali Facts - Round 1

A few months after I got on Facebook for the first time just over three years ago, there was this Facebook note thing that went around asking for 25 Random Facts about you.

If you were on Facebook then, you definitely got it and you probably even DID it because back then Facebook was really exciting, right? Who am I kidding? I still love snooping on Facebook. And thanks to the new Facebook Timeline I found that little gem of boring minutiae

Now it's your lucky day! Over then next few weeks. I'm posting bits of what I wrote back in 2009, 5 Facts at at time, on my blog and then giving my New and Improved 2012 updates. Heck. A lot has changed since then. 

And as an added bonus I threw in what I think my FB profile picture was at the time. Look at that baby! Aren't we adorable?

2009 Fact 1: None of my relatives could really tell you what my job is – I’m Chandler.

2012 Update: I'm still Chandler. Or shall I say, "I'm Chandler again." I was a casualty of a little reorganization and got put on what I now refer to as my little "forced sabbatical." Although I found a wonderful job right away, working in an actual office, instead of from home, nearly killed me with all the house and kid stuff. I was as stark raving lunatic. It was a nightmare. 

I was lucky enough to get hired back to my old company in a similar capacity last year. Could that BE anymore awesome? Yes, that was a Chandler reference. But still, nobody knows what I do. 

2009 Fact2: Sometimes I forget Justin’s name. Poor #3.

2012 Update: Justin who? I forget ALL of their names now. I've called Justin "Jason" on more than one  occasion (we have no Jasons in our family we just know SO many of them). I've been known to call Natalie "Maggie," the name of our dead dog. I can't remember my own name half the time so I'm feeling pretty good about myself that I have a 50% name recognition average. 

2009 Fact3: I still cry all the time over losing Duke and Maggie.

2012 Update: We lost our two dogs suddenly within two months of each other starting back in December 2007. It SUCKED. I still miss them and have pictures of them in my house. Their ashes sit in pretty boxes on a shelf and Duke's blue whale squishy toy has become part of our home's decor. Due to a small rhyming issue, poor Bruce sometimes gets called Duke. Writing that, I realize that our family has a problem remembering names. 

2009 Fact4: I had really crappy grades in High School and College. Although I have the same job as someone who graduated in three years and is a lawyer. Joke’s on her!

2012 Update: Obviously those grades couldn't have a 2012 update and I have no intention of working on a Master's degree to redeem myself. However, I have a new view on how horrible it was that I never worked harder in school. Ryan has the same attention issues I did and it pains me to see him struggling with that. He's my academic clone and it scares the bejeezus out of me. Natalie has no interest whatsoever in learning anything and it's really challenging. Justin? Who knows?

2009 Fact5: I married my polar opposite – a fishing, accounting, nail biting, pressure cleaning at 10 p.m., neat freak.

2012 Update: Still married to him of course. Still very much my opposite, but now we can add "hunting" to the list of things he does that I don't. I haven't eaten red meat in 20 years. I'm perfectly fine just buying their meat at the grocery store. No need to dress up in camo and shoot it yourself, I say. 

I love him dearly although he's often the butt of my jokes. He doesn't mind. Last night we were at family's house playing Just Dance 3. He didn't want to do it, but we begged...and begged...and begged. He kicked his sister's butt in a very *interesting* rendition of Take On Me. Not once was he bothered by the fact that I was taping him on my phone, not even after someone yelled "you know you're going to be on your wife's blog in about 8 minutes." 



  1. That is hysterical, I am pretty sure I did this back in the day. I will have to go back and check now.

  2. 1. I absolutely have to do this. Some of my responses to these questions are horrifying.
    2. You look the same! You're what, 22? So you must have been 17 or so, I think.
    3. That last comment is my attempt at atonement for not posting/commenting in forever.
    4. I also had some seriously crappy grades in high school (mostly in math)- I didn't even take math my senior year because I told them I was never going to need it to fingerpaint and make playdoh. We're talking about teacher's feeling so bad for me that they passed me so they wouldn't make me suffer through another.

  3. Love it! I may very well steal this idea in the future.

    Chris & I still talk about our dog Holly. We had to put her down on our anniversary. It was terrible. She was wonderful. A cat I rescued from my backyard as a teeny kitten, Mocha, passed away the following November when I was pregnant. 2009 sucked balls. Chris & I still cry about them, too. Especially Holly.

  4. That was such a fun post to read (well, besides the sadness of losing your heart hurt when I read that). I cracked up about you calling your kids the wrong names. That happens in my house all the time. I usually call them our dog's name too. And your hubby...he rocks! I love that he kicked his sister's bum & that he let you put it on your phone. He's a keeper! Can't wait to see what you write in your next installment.

  5. I am with my opposite as well..
    My family can not fully explain my job either..
    Maybe I will tell them I'm a ninja

    1. I'm replying because Blogger changed their commenting thing. Tell me if it works. I know my favorite Canadian has my back.

  6. So awesome - I love reading those on other people's FB pages. Love that you married your opposite - I did, too. Mine is in accounting too! Can't get more opposite than us spill-everything-to-the-world type bloggers.

    I also love #4...just proves that brains only get you so far...I like to say it's us folk with charisma that seem to go the furthest ;)

    Can't wait to

  7. I use fb only for personal fun. No blog stuff. No work stuff. No work friends! I totally remember the 25 things. I thing I blogged a 25 things I'd love to share on fb :).

    Cute pic, tiny babes!

  8. I LOVE timeline. The looking back is so freaking easy. And so freaking fun!! I remember these things going around, I should see if I did it or not :)

  9. This is such a cool post! I remember the 25 things. What a fun thing to do as an update on the blog. I love that you're basically Chandler and also that your husband power washes things. I'm an avid power washer, but hold myself back to doing it before 7pm. ;)