Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Fit For My Girl

You're here for Fancy Nancy Birthday Party ideas, aren't you. Well Welcome! Read on :)

Several weeks ago I threw my daughter a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her 5th birthday.

I had so much fun doing it that I wanted to share it here on my blog. Why??? You're right - this is totally not an Ali post. Because frankly, it was a lot of fun to do and it was pretty easy. And also I'm REALLY proud of myself.

I believe in throwing your kids at least one good party YOURSELF. Kind of like earning a Mom Badge. This was a lot of work that I did over the span of several weeks, but totally not over-the-top. This Fancy Nancy birthday party was really do-able for a regular mom and I didn't blow the budget.

These Fancy Nancy birthday party ideas can be adapted to any party for a little girl who is totally frou frou.

We invited a dozen girls (no boys and even kicked her brothers out).

I wanted them to have a special event where they could feel grown-up and...fancy.

On the invitation (customized by someone on Ebay, just search Custom Fancy Nancy birthday party invitations), I wrote "Natalie will be wearing her most exquisite ensemble. Feel free to do the same." Translation: Don't show up in shorts.

First, I gave out goody bags when the girls arrived to get them all gussied up for the soire (that's a fancy word for "party"). Inexpensive bags from the dollar store with a few beaded necklaces, a boa and a tiara in each.

Being a Pinterest junkie I found the following and made them all myself.

  • Tissue paper pom-poms - All over Pinterest, I YouTubed instructions for making them. They take a while and a little practice. However, if time is precious for you, buying them makes sense. Believe me! I got my sister and sister-in-law to help. 
  • Feather boas - Warning: you will have feathers all over your house for weeks, but a Fancy Nancy birthday party wouldn't be the same without them. 

  • Dress up - I bought a wardrobe rack at Walmart for $15 and hung every single princess dress and tutu Natalie had from it and let the girls mix and match. They could put them on right over their clothes. I was worried that they wouldn't do it, but they all really got into it. However, they eventually took it all off.
  • Bracelet making - I bought kits from the dollar store and each girl made one. Easy!
  • Paper on the table - An Ali original. Tape craft paper from a roll (or freezer paper) to the coffee table and set out a bucket of crayons. They love it and it saves your table (or covers it up if your kids have destroyed it). If you look at the photo below you'll also notice that her brother came home and wrote "you stink" on it. 

Don't go nutty. Kids are kids and they don't eat anything weird...just make regular foods fancy. And as Fancy Nancy would tell you everything is fancier with a frilly toothpick. OK, I admit I made my own frilly toothpicks with curling ribbon, but that was the only crazy thing I did. I promise. 
  • Pink lemonade - I froze ice cubes with lemon slices in them
  • Chicken nuggets - BJs frozen section
  • PB&J cut with fancy cookie cutters 
  • Mini Corndogs - BJs frozen section
  • Rainbow fruit skewers (huge hit)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Pretzels
  • Cupcakes - I normally do cake, but this party screamed *cupcakes.* Ordered pink ones at the grocery store and put my own cherries and pink sugar on them. Tip: I didn't want to buy a nice cupcake stand because I'll never use it again. I found a paper one at Hobby Lobby and decorated it. 

We used the dining room table and added a few extra chairs. I saw lots of great table settings online with huge centerpieces, but this party was for short people so I kept the centerpieces the same way. 

The big thing about the table was that I couldn't get over the idea of NOT having real teacups. I went to Goodwill on a whim and found real China ones (Mikasa, etc.) for less than $1 each. I did have to go to two Goodwills to get all white. I skipped the saucers and used doilies instead. 

I went on YouTube and found an easy way to fold napkins so I could put the fork in and use it as a place card too. 
  • Plastic table cloth (I used fancy ribbons to tie the ends)
  • Paper plates, flatware and napkins 
  • Wrapping paper down the center of the table like a runner
  • Dyed rice in the candle holders (directions on Pinterest) - I forgot to light the tea lights
  • Silk flowers - I really wanted fresh, but it would have blown the budget
  • Jewels - Dollar store rhinestones that I flung all over the table. It needed a little extra oomph. 

And I also might have bought a fabulous prom dress worthy of only a Fancy Nancy birthday party while I was at Goodwill. 


  1. This is the most adorable party I have ever seen. It looks like you guys had a blast.

  2. Impressive! You SHOULD be proud! You did great!!

  3. What a cute party, this almost makes me want a little girl.

  4. Just when I thought I was over having all boys....I'll never have a Fancy Nancy party. Do you outsource your party-planning abilities?

  5. Love it. My daughter had a Fancy Nancy tea party for her 4th birthday and it was a blast. :) So fun and easy to go over-the-top girly! We didn't serve cupcakes though, dahling, we served parfaits (that's a fancy word for ice cream sundae). :) LOVE the teacups. I ended up going with clear plastic coffee cups...they had little handles so they weren't just normal cups. But I wish we'd had real tea cups.

  6. So much fun! You did a terrific job Ali!

  7. It looks like every little girl's dream come true! Maybe even some big girls'! Love what you did with the store bought cupcakes. I would have never thought of embellishing them on my own. Now I know I can and that they will look fantastic! Congrats to you on throwing a great party for your daughter.

  8. Cute Ali! I would expect nothing less! Love the party, love the post! (as usual!)

  9. So cute!! Love it, enough to pin it ;)

  10. I will be sending my girls to your house for their next birthdays. They will love this type of party.

  11. This is fantastic!!!
    What a wonderful party and all so child friendly!
    You have a gift.
    Did my invite get lost?
    I have my princess dress on.

  12. I bet you were the coolest mom on the block for this party. Totally girly and fabulous.

  13. Wow what an awesome party! I bet she loved it...and way to do it budget style!

  14. cutest party ever!! I WANT A GIRL!!!

  15. That is so cute!! Great job and I love that it is so adorable and wonderful without going over the top and spending way too much money like so many kids parties seem to now.

  16. You are a fabulous mommy! Awesome job on this, truly! Should I be blessed with a princess of my own some day, I'm all over this idea!

  17. I am impressed! Everything looks gorgeous.

  18. super cute! got to you from BlogHer sidebar and i loved the ideas. i am a bit of a party freak and we just threw a gaming party for our 10 y.o. boy. totally loved your pics and ideas.