Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WTF Wednesday - The "Kicking & Blood Curdling Screaming" Edition

These things happened in my house Tuesday morning:
  • Natalie wanted me to put on her necklace, I was already doing her hair, I kindly told her to wait.
  • Natalie violently threw her necklace across the room like a steroid-abusing major league pitcher...because I raise heathens.
  • I calmly told her to pick it up. I'm rather certain that I sounded like Mary Poppins in my delivery. 
  • She started crying and said "no." ...I gave her 3 chances. Several times so it was more like 12 chances. 
  • I picked it up and told her she couldn't wear it at all today. Take that little parenting moment Bratty McBratterson. How'd ya like that? No necklace. Mmmmhmmmm. 
  • She freaked out like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. 
  • I dragged her out of the room. We were done. 
  • She refused to come down stairs. Kicking and screaming. It was awesome. 
  • I dragged her down the stairs by her arm. 
  • She threw a tantrum putting on her shoes. She couldn't put them on. The same shoes she has successfully put on 20 times...same shoes. But today they were a challenge. 
  • She screamingly refused to eat her mini-muffins. Screamingly is a real word says spell check.
  • I counted to 3. 
  • Justin counted to 3. Thanks for your support Justin. Now finish your Cheerios. 
  • I sent her to the bathroom until she could stop crying.
  • She practiced her best "Nightmare on Elm street Freddie is killing me" scream, just in time for Halloween.
  • I walked in and threatened her life. 
  • She said she wanted her necklace. Ya think? 
  • I told her all she would have had to do is PICK IT UP WHEN I TOLD HER TO.
  • I shut the door.
  • She took off her shoe and banged my door (When she puts the shoe back on it will be time #21 of practicing it).
  • I walked in and told her if she broke anything in my bathroom I'd "break every single toy she had." Yes, I did. What of it???
  • She came out and refused the muffins again.
  • I shoved gummy vitamins in her mouth (after all, it was wide open because she was still screaming. I saw and opportunity.)
  • She spit them on the floor. 
  • I ate her muffins. They were delicious. 
  • She decided she wanted muffins after all. But of course she did!!!
  • I ushered both kids into the car where she cried all the way to school muttering the word "necklace."
  • I walked her into her classroom and offered her a big hug. Which she accepted...for a very long time. It was touching and sweet. 
  • Then she said she was hungry. 
  • I offered her carrot sticks...she said no and threw a fit.
  • I left. 
This bugged me all morning. She's my girl and I absolutely hated that we fought. My heart was hurting. We never fight. 

So what did I do?

Duh, I actually took a lunch break, picked her up at school and took her out to lunch so we could "talk about it." Yep, a deep-and-meaningful with a 5-year-old. 

You know, because in our house WE REWARD REALLY BAD BEHAVIOR. 

I screwed up. I'm a pushover. I totally caved. I set a very bad precedent. 

WTF was I thinking??? 


  1. I think you were trying to get the heart of the issue and made a point of not hurting your relationship. which makes you a amazing mom. Okay this happens in my house almost daily. As long as you did not give her the necklace at lunch all is good. My question is did she even know why you took her to lunch

  2. Yeah, that's how we roll at our house too! It won't backfire on us, will it?

  3. Oh my God, that was hilarious. I think Justin counting to 3 with you was my favorite, because it's so real. You didn't cave in the moment, and kids only have 5 second correlation memories, so the tantrum wasn't in fact rewarded in her eyes. You need to put away the guilt in a box and stick it in the basement. Under the Christmas tree. Next to the cans of paint.

  4. Sounds like a day at my house. Someone should put a big sign on my back that says "SUCKER!" because I always give in later. Eh, whatever. It happens.

  5. Don't be too hard on yourself Ali. I have been known to reward bad behavior. It's that damn mom guilt!

  6. LOL! This is the first time I visit your blog and it was great. It's nice to see honesty. Those things happen at my house, too. I probably would have done a similar thing to make things better. I agree with Marianne, put your guilt away. We get a fresh start everyday.

  7. I LOVE days like that. I can't wait for the next one! I'm totally not a caver though. My husband thinks that is his job. My 5 year old threw a fit yesterday which is kind of rare for him these days. I'm sure there is something going on in the universe to cause this.

  8. Look at that! Blogger loves me again! I meant to add that this was hilarious!

  9. I don't think you blew it. You were firm in the morning, but you did talk it out with her and that is a wonderful thing. You waited until you both were calm and then talked it out. I'd say that's a success.

  10. I think that as long as you didn't give her the necklace then what you did was good.

  11. Oh girl, you did GOOD! The necklace was the prize, she didn't get the price. Shazam! Everyone loving each other still at the end is key to reconciliation. If you hadn't patched it over, one of you would have still been holding a grudge. A grudge is like relationship cancer...

  12. I do the same things. She didn't get the necklace, which is what it was about, so that's good. Talking and loving each other after is what matters. You did good. Or? We're both terrible. ;)

  13. I know that guys don't comment here, but I do damn it. I think what you were doing was the "Mom" thing to do. You're allowed to be kind and gentle. If JakeRyan caves it's a pretty serious problem though.

    You know Lina and I, if you had told me before we had kids that I'd be the "Bad Cop" and she'd be the "Good Cop" I would have said you were nuts And everyone we know would have agreed. But looking back, I should have known.

  14. I love the part when u said you would break all the toys, I use that line all the time....

  15. Has she figured out door slamming is a girls signature move

  16. That little blondie has magic in her blood...magic I tell you!

  17. You kept the damn necklace. You passed.

    Kudos for taking her out to lunch to talk. I hope she listened and understood.

  18. I don't think you screwed up.
    It's sounds like you both had a bad morning and no matter how hard you might have tried you two were not going to get along.
    Taking her for lunch was not only sweet but it gave you time to bond and to discuss how to handle it differently next time.
    Great job!

  19. You're a great mom! It's sweet that you took her out for lunch to talk about things. I don't think you're a pushover at all. =) And even if you are, it's okay. It's better to slightly spoil your kids than to slightly neglect them.

  20. Thank you for making me feel better about my daughter's insanity! We can't help that they melt our hearts even when they act crazy. No one is immune to the charms of their little ones.