Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Is Why I Could Never Go Into Politics

Those of you who have ever gotten their butt kicked by me in Trivial Pursuit know I'm a weeeee bit competitive. Yes, I'm talking to you Dad.

I like to think of myself as an butt-kicker. I want to win at everything. Operative term: "want." I'm not an butt kicker 100% of the time.

That said, I've got a World Famous Blog that's less than a year old. I entered it myself in the Parents Magazine Funniest Mom Blog contest. Yes, I entered it myself, as did most people. And I'm fully aware that I'm not going to win.

A few weeks ago I set out to lobby my friends for votes... I got a lot. And I have friends who shared the link. AWESOME. I know who you are...and I don't forget stuff. I'm actually in the top several blogs (top 6 last I checked) and I'm really happy. But kids, I'm in sales. I have a goal. My goal here is to hit 200 votes. I'm not anywhere near 200 votes. The pretty pink box you have to click is this:

So like the sales person I am, I'm going to ask a "discovery question."

Pretty much "what do I need to do to get those last non-voters to vote for me?" This is getting ridiculous.

Because I'll tell ya...It takes all of two minutes. Yes a whopping two whole minutes out of your very busy day.

I know you big babies, it asks you to "join." It's the damn Parents Magazine website, not the KKK. Join! Who cares?

And I know you don't want to put in your email address. Let's call a Waaaambulance. It asks you a few questions about yourself, your kids. But seriously?  "I like Ali, I like her blog, but I'm way too busy to type for 90 seconds."

And for those of you who are scared or just complete whiners, I've made up this little diagram to help you.

So I mean this in the nicest way possible. I'd do a favor for you. I'd ask my friends to vote for YOU. Do you have 90 seconds so I can quit bitching about this?


  1. I am for sure, a complete whiner.

    But for, I'll vote.

    I'm using a fake email address though.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog a couple days ago, Allie-- but I already love it and know you're definitely FUNNIEST MOM BLOG material. As a fellow mom who will not only sacrifice MY body for a victory, but YOUR body if you get in my way-- I say good luck, friend! And GAME ON. ;)

  3. i finally voted as well.. you have the most adorable family!

  4. I can't believe I just voted for the competition. Sure, I'm like in 25th place, but it's the principle. Now if any of your readers want to throw the distant-losers a couple of votes, I'm We Band of Mothers.

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  6. Sorry I've been such a loser and not wanted to sign up in order to vote. You finally got me with this latest plea, and wouldn't you know it....I already have a BHG login! Consider me #134. Sorry we can't come up with an extra 1000 for you because I really enjoy your blogs!!

  7. Now you're at 145 and that was a pain in the ass!

  8. This is why I have like 8 email addresses! No doubt the blog that is leading probably has like a 1000 email addys! Conspiracy I tell you!

  9. Voted! (I was already registered.)

  10. I already voted. And you know what happened? I got a REALLY good deal on a Parenting magazine subscription. So...I feel like I won instead of you. ;)