Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Annual Halloween Dilemma


2011 - the first year all three of my kids have had opinions on what they are going to be for Halloween.

My mother used to just stick us in whatever SHE wanted literally every single Halloween I can remember. One year, I think I was about 9, she made me wear a Court Jester "costume" (note I had no idea what a Court Jester even was). She put pantyhose on my head as the jester hat and handed me a baby rattle. Child abuse.

Long gone are the days of just telling them what they were going to be and them not being smart enough to argue. In fact, for their first Halloweens they all wore the same pair of Target pumpkin PJs. And I'm realizing 8 years later that I don't have a picture of Ryan in them.

So getting to my point - Ryan. The coolest kid on the planet. NOT the easiest kid to dress for Halloween.

Like his mother, he has opinions. And once an opinion is formed, it's pretty hard to change it.

I should have known this was going to be a problem the year he was 3 and decided he wanted to be a kangaroo. And as you can imagine, they don't sell cheap kangaroo costumes at Walmart so I was given no choice but to buy a ridiculously expensive one online. And it was yellow?

We walked around our neighborhood in South Florida October heat all sweaty and nasty with a kid in a flannel costume. And despite the fact that the costume came complete with a pouch and joey, numerous people commented how cute "she" was in her "kitty cat costume." Idiots.

In his fourth year, we realized that we were dealing with a bigger issue that would effect Halloween forever - he's not "in to" things that other boys are. He never got into Star Wars, Transformers, Super Heroes. He just never acquired a taste for them.

Now think about this - what do you dress a kid up as when get older and there are no readily-available costumes that they like? Store costumes for older kids are pretty much all 'characters' or scary. You have to get creative.  

Instead, that year we learned that he is completely obsessed with Disney like his father. But by age 4 you don't just buy your kid in a Mickey Mouse costume any more. They only make those for babies. So we picked up a "Sorcerer Mickey" hat at Disney World and elicited the help of his grandmother to make him a robe. Walmart costumes never looked so good. I dropped about $60 by the time we were done with this little ditty.

Luckily, he wore it the next year for the Story Book Character - non Halloween parade held on October 31 at his school. Yes I'm still bitter about the birthday.

I actually went online and bought a book to match the costume so we could get some more use out of it.

He's 8 and was wearing it last week...

So far though, my claim to fame was 2009's scuba diver costume with soda bottle scuba tanks, straps made out of a dollar store dog leash and "mouth breathey thing" made out of wire tubing. Let's not forget the head piece with foam sea life.

He wanted so badly to walk around with the mask over his eyes, but he kept fogging it up.

Again like me, he's a stickler for authenticity.

So this year, I came up with the idea and he jumped right on it. I'm going to make you wait in suspense until my next blog post.

As a teaser, I'll let you know that it required two pieces of foam core and several pieces of craft foam from Michaels.

Any guesses?

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  1. That scuba costume is pretty creative! I was going to make Donut a costume (a calculator, haha!) but just don't have the time right now. Plus I think it'll look cuter when she can walk.

  2. The scuba costume is pretty awesome! I am so not creative when it comes to costumes. I do much better just buying something.

  3. Love the scuba diving outfit and love that u got a book to go with your costume!!

  4. Dude you are my hero!! You should link up this years with four plus an angels link up!
    I'm so impressed!

  5. I really like the scuba costume. This year my son wants to be a pumpkin. he is 3. It should be interesting :)

  6. I have to admit that the sorcerer Mickey and scuba diver are pretty creative. Luckily (unluckily?) they don't celebrate Halloween here so I don't have to deal with this drama yet.

  7. Those are better costumes than I have ever put together for my kids. I guess I'm just lazy or they aren't that creative.

  8. That scuba costume is awesome!

    T has always been into superheros, so every year I've just gotten a superhero costume from Walmart or Target.

    This year? We're doing make-your-own superhero. I'm finally going to be a mom that MAKES something. I'm pretty proud.

    And yes, we'll both be wearing brightly colored tights with underwear on top.

    Okay...I might wear shorts...

  9. those are great pics - love the Mickey robe, and that scuba costume?? ROCKS. I can't wait to see what this year's costume is!!

    Goose's first Halloween I dropped her into one of those infant-sleeper things that looked like a pea pod (my infant niece was a corn cob!) Last year my sister & I, and the girls, dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 - with my 8yr old nephew dressed as the Cat in The Hat :)

    This year I'm going easy and Goose is going to be a cheerleader... we already have the uniform, the temporary tattoos, the pom-poms and the hair korkers... it may be cheating, but I look at it as saving money :) She's not even 3 yet, when I asked if she wanted to be a cheerleader she was all about it ;) maybe next year I'll ask her what she wants to be... or not ;)

  10. First of all-- I need to know why there are no pictures posted of you with pantyhose on your head! Haha- probably the same reason I burned all the photos of my 12-year old self in those ever-fashionable Sally Jesse Raphael glasses...

    And secondly - those homemade costumes are pretty amazing! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

  11. I really like the scuba get-up - that's awesome! I love looking back at what they wore in years past, must be why I posted about it too...

    Can't wait to see what he's going to be this year! :)

  12. Foam core... no idea what it is! I'm sure that once you share it with us it'll be obvious!

    I think this year I'm making 50's style poodle skirts for my daughter and I... I haven't started.

  13. I am sooo excited to see what you are making this halloween. That scuba costume is pretty awesome. I may have to copy that one for myself. Oh, and love the reference back to his birthday post. I remember that one and I'd still be bitter too! ;)

  14. Holy frick the scuba diver costume blows my mind with awesomeness. You clearly are quite the impressive costumer maker!

  15. That scuba diver is awesome!

    This year we purchased the costumes. I was just not up to making them :)

  16. That's just plain awesome. I've found that they just don't make baby costumes for people who live in Florida. They are all heavy and fleecy. We have a zebra costume for our little man and he hates every second of it. I'm all, tough it out, Kid. (He's getting a white onesie under it with painted on stripes just in case.

  17. I'm not going to wait in suspense, I'm just going to invade your home on said 10/31/11 and flush out the information myself!

  18. Love the costumes! All of 'em. Very cool.

    I kinda wish my child did not like the store bought stuff, forcing my creativity out.

    Then again, that might be scary :P