Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WTF Wednesday - The "Ancient Sorority Girl" Edition


This post might involve minor math skills, but bear with me. And there will be a lot of ALLCAPS because I'm completely blown away by my revaluation.

Yesterday I wrote a sorority recommendation for a girl who will be going through sorority rush at Auburn in the fall.

As I read her resume, I noticed her birthday August 30, 1993...1993??? This girl who is going to college NOW was born less than a month before I went to college.

And then it hit me. In the time since I pledged my sorority there was time to grow an entirely new sorority girl. One that will be a legal adult in 6 weeks. Holy crap, I feel OLD. Or I can put it like this. I went to college almost HALF A LIFETIME AGO!

So this week the W in "WTF" stands for WHERE. Where the F did 18 years go?

Yes, go ahead and find me. Feel free to laugh.

Side note: The nearly-adult I mentioned above is super-cute (which admittedly has always been, and will always be my #1 reason to pledge someone). She's involved. Her grades jussstttt made the grade cutoff. Luckily, someone took a chance on me and my 2.5 GPA and went to bat for me. Just sayin'... Sometimes great people are C students. They can graduate college and really, REALLY never have to use math again for the rest of their life.



  1. Dude. We are the same age. And our sorority houses? Are so similar I did a double take to see which house and which school you were in. (Theta, CSU) Yes, I totally feel old.

  2. No way I'm going to laugh at that...I was also a sorority girl, but later than you. I joined in 2000. It is very disturbing to see kids who were born when you were a teen or young adult. My husband is a teacher and some of those kids were born when I graduated...I'm thinking, you people could be my child if I would have started early.

  3. I see you! Front row, sixth from the left! It's hard to miss that smile!

    And you're not that old. 30's is NOT OLD!!

  4. "In the time since I pledged my sorority there was time to grow an entirely new sorority girl."

    No need to say anything more than that.


  5. Awesome. Wow, you are old. And right up front, nice spot.

  6. I babysat a girl who is now in college and can babysit for me. Did I mention I started babysitting her when she was Donut's age?? 6 months. Dang.

  7. I love you in your scrunchie socks on the front row! DZ <3 & MINE, C-

  8. I love this post and I totally agree to take a chance on the "C" student (2.98 was my GPA)! Do grades really mean anything anyway???!!!

  9. Um, we are not old. Let's not ever say that again. Ever. Okay? ;)

    Also? Where the F did the time go?!?

  10. I have no idea what this sorority thing is all about as I never did it but I'm right there with you on where the F did the time go?

  11. I know!! Time completely disappeared!!!

    And I found you :) Your smile is hard to miss. Front row, almost centre.

  12. Holy Hell do I feel old.

    Nice sneakers, ladies.

  13. I was a DZ too! At Western Michigan University. Turtle time! I have pillows with turtles sewn onto them because my mom was obsessed with being a sorority mom.


    Oh my gosh. So evil...

  15. "The nearly-adult I mentioned above is super-cute (which admittedly has always been, and will always be my #1 reason to pledge someone)."

    Are we supposed to admit that? LOL!

    Enjoyed your post!