Thursday, June 9, 2011

Twitter Twins? Maybe...

Last week Jessica from the blog Four Plus an Angel took on a little pet project of assinging a few of her friends with what she called their "TwitterTwin."

Below is an excerpt from Jessica's June 1 post. This week Jessica's June 7 Twitter Twins post  also introduced a contest.

"Yesterday I casually mentioned that when I first started tweeting and was completely over-twitter-whelmed, I thought @thetamom and @shellthings were the same person. It took me ages to match them up with the correct blogs and realize that they were not one super-human tweeter/blogger."

Soon she paired me up with Rach from Life With Baby Donut, @DonutsMama. Incedentally, we weren't even following each other on Twitter (we are now).

Here's what Jessica cooked up for us.

Initially, the only resemblance we saw was the brown hair and toothy smiles, but after further review, we realized that we do bear some striking similarities.

For instance, we both drink coffee the same way.

We're both love our lipstick. Hot Mamas!

We're both AWESOME at getting the mail from the mailbox.

And we both enjoy stimulating literature.

There are probably so many more similarities, we might even be real twins separated at birth.

But a BIG THANK YOU to Jessica for taking her time to help us all find our Twitter Twins!


  1. This is the best campaign for #twittertwins ever! If I retweet am I being biased in the contest??

  2. That is freaking fantastic! I'm heading over to vote for you now... :)

  3. It's fate. It's meant to be. We're long lost siblings, it's true.

  4. I agree you are #twittertwins and way to try and get some more votes for that fancy necklace. You are one smart cookie.

  5. That is great! I'm still looking for my twittertwin!

  6. LOVE IT! found you via life with baby donut...cute post ladies!
    your newest follower-

  7. I love that you two did this! So hilarious! I think I need to go back and throw a vote your way. ;)

  8. Haha, what a great post! I think I need to vote again!

  9. This is hilarious, you guys!

  10. Oh my goodness, you were separated at birth!

  11. This is too awesome - I just tweeted this!

    You both have the best sense of humor!

  12. Visiting from Four Plus An Angel...heard it was awesome, heard right!

  13. Well done, ladies and well deserved!