Monday, June 27, 2011

I Shoulda Been A Princess

I'm still a weeee bit obsessed with the Royal Wedding and pretty much all things Middleton. Click here for the post I wrote about the wedding a while back.

As a seasoned married person, I think about the newlyweds and imagine that their new life is very different than mine was after we got married almost 11 years ago. For instance, William isn't waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory.

The other morning as I was in a zombie-like state making my 457th PB&J of the year I thought to myself "Hmmm. Princess Catherine will never have to stand in her messy kitchen and make PB&Js in triplicate."

And then it occurred to me.


Damn commoner.


  1. You too???

    Sigh, commoners.

    Commoners do produce awfully cute children though, as evidenced by your awesome pictures.

    What does it say about me that I love pictures of babies making a mess of food, gnawing on tables/ cribs and wearing funny face glasses?

  2. Damn commoners we are with! I love the kids in the dog crate. That's pretty much the only reason I'd ever get a dog is so I could do that. I love the sleeping in the highchair. I never get that. I mean, who falls asleep when there is food in front of them?!?

  3. I have so many pictures of my daughter in the dog crate. Not sure why it is such a fun place to play.

    At least that commoner has given you some adorable children.

  4. See, I say my problem is that my parents weren't considerate enough to be rich and give me a trust fund with enough money to live the life I feel I should be able to get accustomed to. ;)

    Love the pictures! Your family is adorable.

  5. Oh but Catherine probably WILL make PB&Js at least once to prove how common and "real" she is! (I'm not picking on her; I'm a royal fan as well.)

    I married a commoner too. I tell ppl that if I'm ever in the position to remarry, it will be for money. Married for love once, marrying for money the second time!

    (I sear I am NOT "anonymous"! Just Jennifer here

  6. LOL!! I love those pictures! They're great.

    I too am suffering being married to a commoner... but I still hold to the thought that I am Queen.

  7. Yes! That's clearly my problem, too. Why didn't I think of it before? Thank you, Your Highness, for bringing this to my attention.
    Yours Truly,
    Princess Jenn

  8. BAHAHAHAHA! I'm going to start calling Chris a commoner. I bet he'll love it.

    Those pictures? Awesome.

  9. So funny. I think my main problem is that I have commoner children. :)

  10. the pics are great!! I too married a commoner... (and also say that next time I'm marrying for money! LOL) but he sure did give me an adorable child (and I'm hoping he does so again!!) who ALSO loves to play in the dog's crate!! I don't quite understand her fascination with it... huh. oh well, for now, I'm keeping him :)

  11. I asked my husband why he couldn't have been a prince. We could've had the whole royalty falls in love with a commoner romance too and I could have a housekeeper and a nanny. I have Kate-envy.

  12. Damn commoners messing up all our fantasies! lol

    And why is the dog's crate so fascinating to kids?? I have a ton of pictures of my son in ours.

  13. you are so right!! So did I!!! We really effed that one up.....oh well

  14. There are totally days when marrying for money doesn't seem quite so gold-diggery.