Thursday, May 5, 2011

We Know Who Wears the Plastic Tiara in this Family

Sometimes I attempt to be like a normal mother.

"Who wants a story?" I offered to the kids although I knew Ryan would vehemently object to being subjected to yet another Princess story.

"Meeeee!" replied Her Highness (her nickname for today) as she pranced over and sat down next to me.

From her Disney Princess story collection we opened up to a Cinderella story, My Perfect Wedding.

I read the first line and was promptly interrupted by Her Highness.

"I'm thaaaat one.. and that one and Cinda-Rella," she said pointing to the two girl mice and of course, Cinderella. My girl is a bossy little thing. No book or TV show can be enjoyed in our house anymore without this child staking claim to who SHE wants to be. 

And for the record, it's usually someone blond, never anyone ugly or God forbid a BOY. For instance on Glee she always gets dibs on being Quinn and because I have brown hair she declares me to be Rachel.

"Fine," I say to her. "Justin, who do you want to be?"

"I be da bo-ee."

"OK, Justin. You can be the boy."

"And Ryyyy-an will be my prince," Her Highness includes glancing at her brother not really giving him an option to object.

"WHAT???" Suddenly, Ryan has interest in this story because tonight he isn't aspiring to be royalty.

"No, I'm going to be the third Little Pig." (Huh? Were we even talking about that story???) "Let Justin be the Prince."

Her royal retort: "NO Ryan, you HAVE to be the Prince because the Prince is bigger than Justin...and the Prince is 7."

What a coincidence. The Prince is 7 and so is Ryan. Sucks for you Princey Poo.

Now it's important to note that while he didn't want to be a lame prince, he had no problem playing with his sister's girlie Squinkies...

So I get back to the next line of the story when Her Highness jumps up and puts on her Cinderella dress. Might as well dress the part.  She returns.

By now Justin has decided that he too is going to wear a princess dress. And of course I go fetch my camera because cross-dressing 2-year-olds are the makings of a good blog post.

Her Highness suggested that he should be one of the Ugly Stepsisters. She was SOOOO right. Those firetruck pajamas totally clash with that dress.

Soon Ryan expressed his disapproval and Justin took off the dress.

According to Her Highness, this lady is "allergic to bees." Where does she learn this stuff? By now I've read about two pages.

"Mom." She chimes in again. "When we're done let's read Ariel because I like her red hair and Justin likes her bra."  I knew it was only a matter of time before she figured out that Ariel had on a bra made of shells. In fact I've often wondered why Disney didn't just put her in something more conservative like a tank top...

"Can I please finish the story???"

But by now it was a lost cause. Justin has left the room and Ryan is still indignant about the thought of being his sister's prince.

"Where's my blankie?" Oh no. Justin's blankie is still wet in the washer and it's 15 minutes until bedtime. I rushed downstairs to move the laundry along.

"I'll finish reading the story!"

"Thanks Ryan!" He might not be Prince Charming, but he's a wonderful big brother. 

Then I came back and we took a group photo. I know, I look hot.


  1. Hey, I think you look great. At the VERY least, your eyebrows are even. (I notice these things now that mine are decidedly NOT after my last trip to the stylist...who was not paying attention to the details of her work.)

  2. Great as usual. The cross dressing does indeed make it. Funny when Jeff does it too. :)

  3. Awww that's too cute! Your kids are awesome.

  4. This story had to have pics. Story time can always be an adventure with a house full of kids.

  5. So cute!! Reminds me of practically every time I've ever babysat : )) I love it!!

  6. What a great story...and the pics were perfect!

  7. Great writing and story - found you over at Mama wants this and the love link. :) Looking forward to following you

  8. 'Justin likes her bra' Ha!: ) I never had boys but I remember Princess story time well. Very cute!

  9. You should sell tickets to story time at your house!

  10. Gotta love storytime! My little one is obsessed with Batman. When we read, he holds his figurine and wears his Batman t-shirt. It's the cutest thing and makes me so happy. Love the photos!