Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guess What! ...and there's video

This conversation actually took place. A mere two nights ago. Really...

...after Justin had been in bed for 15 minutes and I settled in to watch my DVR'd Timberlake / Lady Gaga SNL episode (YES, you're right, that is a very big deal, thanks for pointing that out).


Justin (from his room: "Mom!"

Me from my room across the hall: "Go to sleep Justin!"

Justin: "MOM!!!"

Me: "I'm not coming in there Justin!"

Justin: "MOMMY!!!"

Me: "NOOOO!"

Justin (screeching): "MOMMMMMMMMMM!"

OK, this was serious. So I leaped out of bed, dashed in heroically, throwing the door open with reckless abandon to rescue my child who was obviously being attacked by one of the monsters in his closet.

Me: "Are you OK?"

Justin (uninjured): "Mommy, guess what!"

Me: "What?"

Justin: "Chicken butt."  ****wait, did this kid just get me on the old 'chicken butt joke?****

Me (attempting to be stern): "OK. Yes, Chicken butt. Go to sleep Justin."

Justin: "Mommy, guess what!"

Me: "What?"

Justin: "Chicken butt." ****yes, you'll notice I did fall for it twice****

Me: "I love you. Goodnight."

Justin (hysterically laughing): "Mommy I say CHICKEN BUTT."
One of these kids thinks he's a freakin' riot. Guess which one. 

And for our viewing pleasure, I got him to recreate it last night.

Seriously, this kid has a future in comedy, doesn't he. Anybody know any good agents?


  1. Ah, the old chicken butt. Overshadowed by the newer "updog" gag, but still funny!

  2. he.is.adorable. utterly adorable. and the post cracked me up :)