Thursday, May 19, 2011

And From Now On, We'll Call Him...

I've had something weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time. Yes, it's one of those keep-me-up-at-night, socially relevant, life altering decisions. It's very serious.

How am I going to refer to My Husband in my blog?

Whew! It feels good to finally get that out in the open. Although it still seems kinda undeserved for me to refer to myself as a "blogger" yet, I noticed long ago that many bloggers don't refer to their family members by their real names.  Lots don't name their kids either...although I do...except Piggy Ponies (her nickname for today) because it's so fun to just nickname her.

Most refer to their husband as "The Hubs" or "Hubby," names which I've grown sick of for various reasons...mostly, they are so overused. Hello Facebook! One of my favorite bloggers refers to her husband as blog-Stedman which I think is genius. I love it. But I'm not that cool.

I'm asking myself this because God forbid, some day, someone might Google My Husband and come across my blog with all of those unattractive photos I plan to keep posting of him.

After several long seconds (yes, seconds) of deep contemplation, it occurred to me. "If I could be married to the perfect man, who would it be?"

It took me no time to come to the conclusion that my ideal husband is Jake Ryan.

Let's think about this. The guy drives a sports car, he's rich, he's sensitive, he released a dork from under his coffee table and he STILL dated someone who wore red polkadot panties. He's quite possibly the world's most perfect man although he's theoretically still in high school. I bet he married Samantha.

I know, I'm in line behind several million other 30-something year old women. And I'm OK with that...since he's fictional.

Seriously, if he had shown up in his sports car at MY OWN wedding, I'd have gotten in the car with him.

I *heart* Jake Ryan and I have a t-shirt to prove it.

This is not to be confused with just plain "Ryan" who is my kid. Coincidence, I promise. Maybe I'll put the two names together like this: JakeRyan.

By the way, if you Google "Jake Ryan" most of the images that come up are from Hannah Montana. I've had a bone to pick with those writers ever since I learned of this vicious naming mishap. Could they not have come up with a different name? That name is sacred. SACRED I TELL YA! Seriously, look at that dork!

And why is this great???  Because from now on I can say that my husband is Jake Ryan. Isn't JakeRyan cute?


  1. Not sure why you're picking on Jeffrey, he's a good guy. Nice shirt there my man!

  2. Love it! I've just decided that if anyone has a problem with the ridiculous stuff I put on the interwebs, then I don't want them as friends anyway. Real names all the way!

    The truth is that when I started, I didn't think anyone I didn't know would read it. I guess I could go back and edit all the posts, but...yeah, that's not gonna happen :)

  3. I'm lazy so I just refer to my husband as, The Husband. And Father of the Monkey. I'm keeping him anonymous as that's the way he wants it. Obviously people I know IRL knows who he is. And that's it.

    I do like Jake Ryan. Hee.

  4. I call my husband hubs, hubby or J. It's boring, you're right. I need a new nickname. At home, we call him DaddyD for fun. At least the girls do.

    Anyways, I love Jake Ryan too and love that movie. Ah, the good ol' 80's movies♥. I so heart them:)

  5. Hi there! I seriously love that movie, and many others from the 80's. I too call my husband "dear hubby"...seriously boring. I think you may have inspired me to rethink that. Anyways...visiting from Bees with Honey.
    Very cute family you have!!

  6. That is one of my favorite movies!
    Perfect name!

  7. I like it! I decided awhile ago to just call everyone the correct name because I have a hard enough time remembering whos who. I think I could remember Jake Ryan though :)

  8. I like the name JakeRyan as a nickname. I just call mine "The Husband" but I've been thinking lately about using something else because I'm tired of typing that every time.

  9. I really like that idea! I really am tired of hubby or hubs, so I hear ya on that!

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