Sunday, April 24, 2011

Up Your Keister for Easter

To look at me you'd think I'm a somewhat "normal" individual, but only my best friends (and now about a dozen blog readers) know that I am a descendant of lunatics.

Meet my grandfather Russ. And we actually referred to him as "Grandfather." I have no idea why anyone ever chose such a high-brow name because it's safe to say he's not the type to be invited to the Royal Wedding. A pinochle game? Yes. Anything that required decorum. Not on your life.

He always had raunchy one-liners and off color jokes to deliver to his embarrassed, yet always amused granddaughters and became instantly admired (at least in this capacity) by the grandson-in law that he probably secretly hated.

Grandfather was a piece of work.

So, the reason for this post: He's been gone for 7 years now, but his legacy lives on. Certainly not because of his humanitarian efforts, but because if his little nuggets of wisdom and what we'll loosely call humor.

So in the wise words of my Grandfather: UP YOUR KEISTER FOR EASTER!

And by the way, this wasn't used as an Easter greeting. He was a Jew (at least by birth, but a Jew nonetheless). This was more of a "screw you" comment coated with a big dose of Russ humor. It was a 365 day a year kind of thing.

I challenge you to use it often today. Ryan walked in to our room this morning and said "Happy Easter." His father rolled over to him, still half asleep and muttered "Up Your Keister for Easter." No joke. Every single family member of mine will use this at some point today and hopefully one of my old co-workers.


Easter love from our looney bin to yours!


  1. I like it. It's like cranky old Jeff was your Grandfather. Hope you guys had a blast!