Sunday, April 17, 2011

Like A Boring Vacation Slide Show, Only Not As Interesting

I spent the last week in San Francisco (one of my very favorite places) for work/pleasure with a crappy camera and an iPhone.

I haven't traveled in over a year for work so I didn't feel bad about leaving the kids at home with their father. I always came home to them having all their limbs before and was completely thrilled to be going to a place where I actually have real friends! I could live with the thought of my daughter going to school with hair like a Survivor contestant for a few days.

AND not only did I have friends in San Fran, my BFF Meredith flew in to join me for the weekend. (And by BFF I mean somebody that would be willing to wait two hours at the airport for my plane to come in after hers). Mere has 2 tiny girls and is a stay-at-home mom. She needed a break. I won't use BFF again because I'm not 13.

And the icing on the cake was that my former co-workers were going to be in the city the same time I was. So like a weirdo stalker I booked at their same hotel and guilted a few of them into flying in to eat dinner with me.

Here's what life is like without three kids.

My date picked me up in a Dodge Charger which I found humorous for some reason.

Here's a Farmville billboard on the interstate. Yes, it's my dirty little secret. Not taking a picture of this would be like a crackhead NOT taking picture of a big pile of crackrock on the side of the road. Really, I'm quitting after I master my crops.

Then we parked and walked around for a bit and passed a store window that was selling Kama Sutra figurines and I couldn't resist taking a picture. Of course, I had to do a little editing to make it blog appropriate. Happy Easter!

We had an afternoon sushi snack and tooled around until we could visit our other friends. We went to H&M and I asked Mere if she liked a little cotton striped dress to which she responded "You should NEVER wear horizontal stripes." Scroll down to see what I was wearing... We'll chalk it up to jet lag.

Here's Beth, my college roommate and sorority sister. She's living in a hotel room while her bathroom gets renovated. She looks the same as she did in college except for one minor detail. She wasn't knocked up in college.

And here's Heather. She joined us after doing her taxes. I was mucho jealous. She's married to a French guy, ooh la la, I think that in and of itself is the bedrock of a good marriage. She'll surface again later.

From there we drove out to see Julie and Chris, who moved out to the cute little town called Lafayette into a cute little house for their cute little selves and their cute little kids.

Here's me an my new best friend Dane having a battle. I once referred to him as "Kid" and he corrected me telling me "I'm not a kid, I'm a Jedi Knight." He's right. Totally a Jedi.

On Saturday Julie and Chris took us on an awesome tour. Mere's cousin Hillary met us at Christy Field. One day into the trip, Mere's husband, at home with the kids, texted her that he's "surprised she hasn't jumped off the roof or become a complete alcoholic." Ah an epiphany!

I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge from every angle imaginable. In this photo I told Julie to take off her hat so the shadow didn't cover her face. Chris pointed out that it was actually my head causing the shadow "like an eclipse." I've been told I have a big head before, but this takes it to an entirely new level. An eclipse? That's just mean (although scientifically accurate)!

On Monday, Mere went home. My friend Dane and I had another light saber battle and played a little Just Dance Kids on the Wii. 

Chris drove me into the city to begin my two days of work. Here's a picture of a buffalo from Golden Gate Park. I only took this picture so I could come home and show off my picture of a Tatonka. TATONKA!

On Monday my old coworkers came in town I had a great dinner with Dawn, Becky and Beth and then I saw the group again on Tuesday night after their team building event. Clearly, they had a good time...

I went to a conference on Tuesday for work. I only took one picture. If Skippy from Family Ties and Jay Leno had a love child he'd look like this guy.

I also became very fond of my Instagram phone app on this trip. Very cool the way it lets you take boring pictures and push a couple of buttons and make them interesting. That third one is the City Beer Store that my friend Beth and her husband Craig own. I don't drink beer, but boys would love this place.

Then finally, one last dinner with Heather in which I partook in a 5-cheese Mac&Cheese with black truffles to be followed by banana bread pudding. Leave it to the Local to pick out my favorite place that I ate the whole trip! Didn't get to meet Frenchie though. He had to go to a work soiree. Did that sound French?

On Thursday morning I jumped in a cab with my boss Sam and we were off to the airport.

I was shocked at how many San Franciscan mother's traveled on the airplane with their nannies. I kinda wanted to be disgusted with them, but then I thought about it. If I had the money to pay someone to walk my kids up and down the aisle of a plane for 6 hours, I'd do it too.

I landed at home, made a few calls during the drive and walked in the door to kiss the Manny. He's probably not as good as the ones those other moms had, but he's cheap and my kids had their limbs. Although, Ryan was late for school two days AND he played hooky a third...I don't even want to think about it.

Home Sweet Home.


  1. Great post. I want to hear more about your OTHER friend Dane! Clearly this young Jedi will be a rockstar as the name does bring a certain status and responsibility. ;)

  2. It was a bit more boring than a vacation slide show, but seeing you in horizontal stripes made up for it.

  3. What a great trip..I am so jealous that you got to see BP and Link...I keep up with them through Hallie. Another hysterical read, girl you have found your calling!!