Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Love Spunky Red-Headed Orphans at Our House

To commemorate our family's 92nd viewing of Annie (that's just an estimation), I'm posting my all-time favorite video. I figured this was a better option than dying you-know-who's curly hair red. 


  1. Ok, could I hire him? Would all that pounding on the waist perhaps trim me down a few inches? Complete with a serenade? Hook me up!

  2. Love it. Please note that I have a natural red head available for singing gigs.

  3. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!! You know how easy it is to understand justin? well im pretty good and recognizing a tune and i always think i hear him singing a song from annie (which was a favorite of mine growing up and we might even be tied for the ammount of times it's played in our house) anyways, after hearing this oh-so-familiar tune im never quite sure since the words dont come out so clear. i break out in song anyways and there have been a few occasions where i sing "you're never fully dressed without a smile" and i always get a perplexed look from him. i used to think he thought i was crazy, but now i think it's a "how do you know about that" kinda look...lol...