Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Haven't Been Banned from Costco Yet...and there's video

My life is not glamorous. We do very little that would qualify as cool.

And what does an "exciting" Saturday consist of?  A fun family trip to Costco of course!

You know, Oprah did an episode about this. She got a cashmere sweater. I got grapes.

And so begins our adventure. 

Since hungry kids do not add to the allure of bulk warehouse shopping, we got in line to purchase hot dogs and pizza only to realize that like 25 times before, we do not have enough cash. We never carry cash. Stupid Costco. So we scrapped together $8 plus $2 to get enough for the food.

"No Ryan, you can't have a Churro. Maybe after lunch."

Then we sat down with these old people.

L to R: Herman, Lester, Ethel, Irma, Francine, Rose, Albert and Dorothy. 
So there I sat, divvying up the pizza and hot dogs while the two big boys went to get soda.

Ryan mixed Sprite and Coke and enjoyed every bit of it.

Justin and Katy Perry (her nickname for today, more on that later) had to share a lemonade to which Justin protested.

Justin smeared ketchup all over his face.

And Katy Perry did something gross with her hot dog that disgusted her father (see photos below)...

45 minutes later we headed out to buy some crap.

After trying out the 3D TV (which I'm now obsessed with) we took the typical route down the small appliance aisles like we always do.

I don't know why we always do...we never buy any. But as usual, Ryan suggests the first purchase of many. A very useful, yet large popcorn maker.

"That would be a 'NO', Ryan." Like we've got the $49.99 and extra counter space for that.

"This is the most boringest day ever." Why yes Ryan, I'd agree.

But wait, it's about to get interesting...Justin gets his elbow (yes, elbow) stuck in a cup from lunch. And then he started shrieking. It's amazing we've gone this long without an elbow getting stuck in a cup. I'm sure that happens a lot.

And here's where they insisted on sampling the orange juice and I felt obligated to justify allowing it by pretending that they'd never had orange juice before.

"Oh, this is really good. What's it called? Orange juice? Is it made out of oranges? Vitamin C you say? What aisle is it in? We're definitely gonna go buy some. Yay!" 

"Can I get my Churro now?" And a trip to Costco would not be complete without Ryan having to walk on this thing, thus annoying every adult in the meat section. Notice that he's got his arms inside his shirt which doesn't help his balance much. "Can we get my Churro now?"

But what made this particular Costco trip especially fun was that our girl was singing her rendition of Katy Perry's Firework the entire time. The entire time. I mean the WHOLE time. Note: Other than the tune, none of what comes out of her mouth is recognizable.  This was my favorite one.


But this one is good too...because she tugs on the camera like an animal


And then we passed the playhouse. Evil Costco people putting it out on the floor so you have to stop and let your kids play in it or endure constant whining. Ryan put the lid from the play grill on like a hat and kept saying that he was in the army and "GET DOWN!" He probably caused a few WWII flashbacks. "Can I get my Churro now?"

Then finally after standing in a 10-cart-deep line (where the woman next to us was griping the entire time), we made it back to the car about $200 in the hole.

And we forgot the Churro...

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  1. Lil'Katy is going to be a danger to all of MANkind.

  2. Reminds me of our trips to Big Lots. Now I want a churro.

  3. Video #2 is my favorite - only because Jeff is so calmly shopping in the background like he is not even with you guys :)

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