Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That lil' one - he don't talk so good

If late speaking is truly typical of a third child, then Justin is an overachiever. 

There are really two possible explanations: 1) let's just call our family "communicative" and he can't get a word in edgewise or  2) he's too busy perfecting his grunting, squealing and angry-pants look to focus on what we English speakers call "words." He's actually mastered a few angry-pants looks though. He's a delight.

When he turned 2, he was discharged from his speech therapist Miss Melanie's weekly appointments (Go Justin!!!).  Yet still there is almost nobody that can understand most of what the poor kid says...

Make that nobody, but his sister.

Crap.  Evidently, Stinkerbell (her nickname for today) has a higher success rate for translating whatever the heck that kid is trying to say than the rest of us, thus making this talent a dangerous commodity.  She's 4-year-old the Anne Sullivan to his Helen Keller.

Not to mention that it's completely ironic considering that although we can understand her words, most of what she says makes no logical sense - tonight she tried to tell me a shower puff was called a "salad."

For example, last week in the car Justin exclaimed something that sounded like Blibbity-scubuu-lalaflippy (yes, that's an exaggeration for dramatic effect, did you like it?)  I was at a complete loss.  He barked blibbity-scubuu-lalaflippy at me twice before Stinkerbell told me in her most exasperated voice "Mom, he wants you to roll down the window."

She was right.

Fast forward to this morning with the two of them are at the breakfast table while I attempt to get the three of us out of the house with matching shoes, two lunchboxes and a purse.

Here's how this went: 

"Uh wolling wipp." - this is actually what he said


"Uh wolling WIPP."





You see where this is going.  I felt so bad for the kid. His mother is clueless and she's never going to figure this out as well as his sister can. 

And although I still didn't understand him I flashed him my best toothy motherly smile and nodded my head knowingly.

Ahhhh. That's better. And he gave me his best relived thank-goodness-she understands me smile.  Like this.

And just as I was reveling in my bonding moment Stinkerbell chimes in:  "JUSTIN!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL MOMMY THAT!"

See, she really does understand him. 

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