Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Very First Restaurant Review

NAME:  No Name (I've asked several times)
ATTIRE:  Sloppy Chic
CUISINE:  Playroom Eclectic

Let's cut to the chase, Zagat's is not going to be visiting this dining establishment any time soon.

Pickled peppers
Burgers (made to order)

Although the menu is rather limited, the sassy blonde waitress is perfectly willing to add to the menu at whim.  You want chicken?  Sure! You want a milk shake?  Sure. Just don't expect the waitress to bring it back to you because she walks into the other room and starts watching Wonder Pets.

In fact, when my dining guest ordered lobster he was asked if "he wanted the full set."  We were eager to see exactly what a "full set" of lobster consisted of, but alas, our order was never delivered.   

It's quite possible that there would be a higher level of customer satisfaction if this restaurant had a policy about requiring the servers to write down the patron's order, not just walk around with a note pad that's not even really a note pad.

I have visited this place before with my son at which time I was informed by the pushy blond waitress that "there is NO KISSING in this restaurant."  So therefore Restaurant No Name isn't the place for Valentine's Day.  

In fact, this waitress shows up even when you're NOT at the restaurant, like let's say for example - IN THE BATHROOM. You can politely decline to place your order, but she pretty much insists and then you're on the hook to chew some invisible pickled peppers within a few seconds.

However, it is a nice touch that she bows at you when you have completed placing your order. Perhaps her last serving job was at Mr. Chen's Hunan Palace.  

My guess is that this is a family-run establishment because the waitress, chef and busgirl all look exactly the same.

Luckily, this place does have some healthy alternatives.  The plastic fruit is locally grown and organic.

Oh boy, the Board of Health is not going to be happy with this.  Bare feet in the kitchen, food on the floor - that Captain Hook?

This guy is a regular.  I think he keeps coming back because the waitress threatens him or calls him sweetie. Notice he's eating the fruit that was on the floor next to the dirty bare feet.

In all, although I wouldn't recommend the food, atmosphere or service you have to admire the spunk and perseverence of the server. Not to mention - did you see her necklace???

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  1. Ohhhh, Ali -- I'm crying from laughter. Too funny! :) I so needed this tonight. Please keep these coming!

  2. This is funny and timeless. Love it! Maybe we can swap out our little waitresses for some change of pace!!! :)

  3. Made me laugh out loud...thank you!