Monday, February 28, 2011

My Kid Got to Hold a Walkie Talkie - That Makes Him Important

Somehow, my kid got to be Principal for the Day today.

I actually do know how he got it. Let's just say it was a Silent Auction bid gone bad thanks to his little brother's meltdown at the school carnival. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

There's probably no kid more appreciative of brief power trip than Ryan. Because of course, he got to wear a tie AND a sport coat. Not that it was required, but I paid good money at Kohl's for that jacket and I wanted him to get another wear out if it before he moves into a size 7.

Our day started with an early wake up call since important school drop offs are done by ME and only me. This is because obviously, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Plus, there would be some picture taking involved.

Ryan got up, ate with lightning speed and went up to put on his fancy clothes. Chaos ensued as he refused to wear a belt and tuck in his shirt.

"Ryan, you have to tuck your shirt in because I don't want your principal thinking that your mother is too stupid to tell her kid to tuck in his shirt."

"COME ON MOMMMM! We're late." Actually we weren't late, it just seemed that way since he got ready at a normal pace this morning which is unprecedented.

So off to school we went, battling the parent drop off line and finding a parking spot. Because we were now ...late...I grabbed his arm and dragged him in to the office where he was told to go to the Media Center "right now" for the morning announcements. I watched from the office while all the tardy kids filed in to get their "slips" to go to class. Poor tardy kids.

Here's Ryan sitting next to a 5th grader and his principal. Notice his posture and attention span steadily dropped after hearing about the weather, cafeteria menu, Black History Month and Boxtops for Education.

In the middle he began doing something funny with his mouth and by the end he was nearly comatose.

But alas, his energy was restored when he came galloping back into the office (where I was waiting because I hadn't taken any pictures of him) carrying a walking talkie and a lanyard full of keys with his principal in tow. Now we're talking!!! KEYS!

Mrs. A lets the kids decide what they want for lunch.

He picked McDonald's (shock of the century). Awesome! It's been 5 whole days since he was there and he's long overdue. Whew! She tried to talk him into Chik-fil-A, but he wasn't having it.

So I waited (in bed with a fever and a sinus infection) for him to get home to tell me about it after his dad took him for the haircut he should have gotten BEFORE the big day.

According to Ryan, his morning was spent "tying up pencils."  He used rubber bands since he can't tie...

They visited his classroom where the kids referred to him as "Mr. Ryan."

And he got to ride in the elevator for the first time. I didn't even know the school had two stories...

But the highlight of the day was when he got to "do dismissal."  Since I wasn't there, he recreated it for us at home. We didn't understand much of the mumbling, but you might be able to decode "bus loop" twice.  The end is the best. I don't think he did that at school.

However the most important things to point out are these: This was his first trip to the principal's office (I confirmed for good measure) AND they're letting him go back to school again tomorrow!

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  1. That's so cute! I wouldn't mind spending my days tying up pencils.