Saturday, February 26, 2011

Curing Cancer, World Peace and Stuff Like That...

This is an actual conversation I had with my husband this week as we watched The Hangover together for only our second time.

In the following dialogue, I will be referred to as "Me" and he shall be called "Clueless."

Me:  "That is the cutest little baby."

Clueless:  "That's not a real baby it's a robot."

Me:  "What the heck are you talking about???"

Clueless:  "It's not a real baby. It's an E.T. robot."

Me:  "What is an E.T. robot???"

Clueless:  "E.T. was a robot."

Me:  "I know that!!!  Oh, my gosh. This isn't the first time we had this conversation."

Clueless:  "When did we talk about this before?"

Me: "The last time we watched The Hangover and you tried to tell me the baby was a robot."

Clueless:  "I don't remember that, but its a movie robot like E.T."

Me:  "Why would they need a robot? They could just get a real baby!!! Maybe it's a doll for the breastfeeding scene, but its definitely a real baby in the car."

Clueless: "It's a robot."

Me:  "NO IT'S NOT A ROBOT!  Oh my gosh! It's a real baby."

Clueless: "Whatever..."

I found a few photos that might help you decide whether YOU think he's a robot or not. I took the liberty of doing a little photo editing.

Now this very cerebral conversation rivals the heated debate we had over which Kardashian sister was the hottest. I said it was Kim (clearly because she makes exponentially more money for...being HOT and nothing else).

And he said Kourtney. Seriously, who says Kourtney? All we could agree on was that it wasn't "the ugly one married to Lamar Odom."  Disclaimer: I don't feel bad for saying anything nasty about stupid people.

Although, we do agree on one very important topic:  Suite Life on Deck is much better than The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. 

Solving the world's problems, one issue at a time. No need to thank us. It's just what we do.

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  1. Did you decide which one is hotter? Zack or Cody?

  2. I always knew I was capable of producing intellectual children and this proof!

  3. OMG. I'm speechless. You two are priceless and I so have your back on this one! XO

  4. I'm nominating you for a Nobel Peace Prize this instant. You are conquering the world's problems!

    By the way, was I the only one who got upset when they left the baby (robotic or not) in the CAR in VEGAS in the movie?

    Stupid mothering tendencies...

  5. Ha ha ha. I needed a laugh right now. You guys are hilarious. :)